10 - 10 -2016 
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Winter Camping Guide
During winter, Mount Buffalo National Park offers visitors a unique winter camping experience at two locations, Lake Catani Campground and the remote Mount McLeod camp area.  Campers will experience winter nights set amongst Snow Gum woodlands and sub-alpine grasslands carpeted in snow.  Limited camping is allowed strictly on a permit only basis.

Lake Catani Campground
Special provisions are made for camping within the Lake Catani Campground during the declared ski season. Access is via a 1 km walk/ski off the main road along the Lake Catani
Road, or a 2 km walk/ski from the Gorge Day Visitor Area along the Gorge- Lake Catani Track.

No vehicle access is available during winter. There is a car park near the Lake Catani Road gate or at the Gorge Day Visitor Area.
Only five sites are available; 50, 51, 52, 53 and 54. Each site is defined by orange poles. Group sizes and length of stay The maximum number of people staying in the campground is thirty and groups may stay up to
three nights. Bookings can be made online at or by calling 13 1963 or The Mount Buffalo Entrance Station on 03 5756 2328. A fee applies. 
Facilities available
Fires may only be lit in the fireplaces within the picnic shelter. Fuel stoves are recommended. The main campground amenities are closed during winter; therefore there are no showers or bathroom facilities. There is a pit toilet located
behind the campground picnic shelter. 

Mount McLeod

Located on the south eastern side of the Mount McLeod Track opposite Dells Plain, this camp area, at an altitude of 1400 metres, is situated on the edge of a snowgrass plain overlooking areas of Sphagnum bog. Do not walk through bog areas as they are very fragile. Campers can either walk or ski out to Mount McLeod depending on snow conditions. The camp area is located approximately 6.5 km along the Mount McLeod Track off the Reservoir
Road. The road is closed during winter and cars can be parked near the gate, 3 km from the start of the Mount McLeod Track. Campers must be proficient navigators and carry appropriate maps.
The designated camp area is sign posted although no defined camp sites exist.
Group sizes and length of stay
The maximum number of campers is ten with the maximum length of stay being two nights. Bookings can be made online at or by calling 13 1963. A permit is required and a fee applies.
Facilities available
There is a pit toilet located 200 metres north from the camp and west of the vehicle track.  Fires are prohibited; fuel stoves must be used for cooking.