We have had fair to good snow out of the last three fronts and might get some more later this week. We will provide regular weather and snow updates at  There are spectacular views of the Alps (Snow covered now) from the gorge and the walks are a great way to see our waterfalls, Granite pinnacles, snow plains and forests. So spoil yourself and "Visit Mount Buffalo" this Winter. See Mount Buffalo Ski School FB page for whats on at Mount Buffalo and Ski School updates


In the North East snow camping can be arranged out of Mount Buffalo, Mt Hotham/ Dinner Plain and Falls Creek. One Night two day or multi night camps are available.

We can ski or snow shoe depending on the requirements of the customer

For cross-country ski camps a days previous tuition at least is recommended prior to the camp.

We can provide all camping and ski gear or you can provide or hire your own equipment and we will just facilitate the leadership and safety

At a minimum you will need to provide your own outdoor snow appropriate clothing (Fleece, thermals, gloves, beanie etc)
We will send you a list of clothing and gear

We can provide the meals and cooking gear or you can bring your own.

We would normally meet at a per arranged location at one of the resorts in the early AM where we would check gear, arrange trail passes if appropriate and introduce our leaders.

The first part of the tour would be a short ski without packs to get the feel of the snow and to ascertain the skill levels of the participants.

We would then ski with our packs out to a lunch location, providing coaching and assistance as needed.

After lunch we would complete the days skiing out to the camping location (normally near a hut and by the mid afternoon to allow plenty of time to set up camp before dark)

If near a hut we would cook in the hut but if not a camp kitchen would be dug and dinner completed prior to dark.

Then a early night (or if a good moon and a mild night we may try a little moonlight skiing)

The next day we would have breakfast and break camp with the return trip to the vehicles to be completed.

On Multi day programs we would of course ski to a second nights camp location of if desired stay at the first camp site and day ski returning to cook and sleep etc

Snow camping is great fun and need not be cold or uncomfortable if good quality clothing, tents and sleeping gear is taken

A moderate level of fitness is desirable but camps can be arranged for most ages and levels of fitness.

FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT David on 0419280614